Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hide Folders in Nokia (Without any Software)

Do you want to hide folders on your mobile phones ? So here is an interesting solution to your need which don’t requires any software to be install. This trick can be used for phone from Nokia,Samsung,Motorola,LG or any other company.The only requirement is that your phone should support java which almost all mobile phones support now .

Lock phone

So,If your phone support java then here is the Trick Hide Folders in Nokia / Java phones without software.

First of all create or rename the folder you want to hide to ch.jad ,put your data inside it.

then create another folder with name ch.jar  in the same directory.

ch.jad gets hidden and only folder with ch.jar extension is visible which is empty.So,my data is protected/hidden from unwanted eyes.

Now, we need to know how to open the hidden folder.To unhide the original folder you have to remove the .jar extension from the new folder and your original folder with all the files and with ch.jad will become visible.



ni$$ said...

it's very good

Anonymous said...

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