Friday, 13 January 2012

Hacking Windows Admin Password

There are a many of reasons for needing to crack a Windows password:

Simply forgetting the password , working on a used computer, etc. No matter your reason for needing to, finding a Windows password is generally simple, and can be done in a very short period of time.


To do this you just need to use a program called oph crack.!!! .

Ophcrack is not really a program--it is a LiveCD .


  1. To use the software, insert the CD into the optical drive on the computer you wish to gain access to and hold the power button until it shuts down. Turn it back on and when the compute logo appears, press the button for the system to enter BIOS. Change the boot sequence to CD first, then Save and Exit BIOS.
  2. now choose one of thes option and wait for this screen.


  3. when this screen is changed , wait for oph crack to hash the password file.

    ENJOY Nerd smile !!


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