Sunday, 15 April 2012

Play Angry Birds on Facebook

Now you can play the most popular game of Android phones on most popular social networking site Facebook i.e ANGRY BIRD.

Along with older episodes like Poached Eggs (63 levels) and Mighty Hoax (42 levels) ROVIO has introduced a new episode titled “Surf and Turf” (15 levels).


Super Seeds – Increase the size of the bird that is currently in the slingshot

King Sling – Increases the initial launch speed of all your birds.

Sling Scope – Allows you to see a large part of a bird’s trajectory before launch

Bird quake – Shakes the ground in any level

You must have flash Player 11 or later version installed to play Angry Bird on Facebook.

Just login to 

Click Here to Play Angry Birds on Facebook



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