Sunday, 13 May 2012

Download complete Facebook Photos Albums

Now a days Facebook have became the part of our life. Most of our Friends share there photos in FB. Some time due to slow connection you are not able to see the photos or you don’t have internet connection, but still you can see there photos if you have already saved the images .But again it’s difficult to open every pic and saving it.


So,here is the solution . I’ll tell you about a software which downloads the complete Facebook album in single click.  

1: Open Firefox and click here to download add-ons (software).

If you don’t have firefox click here to download firefox & now click here to download software it’ll take not more than 20 second to install.

2: Restart firefox

3: Login to

4:Now go to the profile whose photos album you wants to download.

5:Then right click on album name ( eg: harid ) & you will see “fluschipranie’s download”  button. 


6:After some time you will see a pop up asking for photo prefix,type name and press ok ,Then browse window will appear asking for location.


Soon you will see all the photos on your HDD..


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